How long will the food be good?

Dasein Systems has done its best, to secure the latest canning techniques and oxygen absorbed technology, to insure the longest possible shelf life. Dasein System products are sealed in heavy gauge metal cans with an oxygen absorber added. We cannot guarantee shelf life but if stored properly (stable temperature of about 75 F or 20 C. ) in a cool dry environment it has been tested to be stable over 25 years.
How much space does it take up?
A one year supply will require about 1.1m x1.1m x 1.3 meter space. Perfect to store on the high shelves in your pantry, under the stairs, or in your basement.
How do I rotate the food?
Dasein has packaged the Gourmet Reserve with a reorder sheet in each case. If you use only 2�cans per year (4% – or about 8 servings) of each module (3 month supply) your food reserves will always be current and never go out of date.Reorderï once per year on this site, through your representative, or post the enclosed reorder sheet with a� credit card information.
What are the advantages of Dasein foods?
EASE – With one click you can secure a well balanced, easy to use, easy to store, easy to rotate and easy to keep food reserve system for you and your family.


PURITY OF INGREDIENTS – Dasein foods are all natural, NO artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings, MSG, or white sugar are added.


FAMILIARITY – Your food system should be familiar everyday foods easily recognizable and reflect a balanced diet offering good taste. Dasein system foods offer the best selection from which to choose.


PREPARATION CONVENIENCE – Dasein Systems offers convenient food systems which can be prepared with smallest amount of fuel, water and time while at the same time giving you a quality meal as if it was prepared in a nice restaurant


SHELF LIFE – Shelf life of any food reserves is always critical. Dasein Systems uses the latest technologies available to insure long shelf life. Excessive heat will shorten the shelf life of all products. A rule of thumb: the cooler the better.


VARIETY – Each system has�9 different entrées and 7 ingredients to change them around, making 63 different combinations� which will prevent appetite fatigue.


PROPER ROTATION – It is important to rotate food reserves into your daily diet. Dasein Systems easily integrates with other foods to meet daily dietary needs. We recommend that you rotate in one entrée meal into your normal diet approximately 16 times per year per module.� The best way to insure all your reserves�have 10 years left is to consume 10% per year, or 5 cans per module�(approximately one meal�per week).�� This will keep the entire�three month�system within a 10 year storage time frame.�