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Great for picnics, climbing, camping, or just when you want a quick easy meal. Comes in a custom cooler bag.

Packet meals / emergency pack
Package Code:            P004
Sale Price:                   Sfr. 299.00

Package Details :
A sample pack of 9 (x3 =27) different entrees (Spaghetti Pasta Lasagne, chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka, Vegetabel Tikka, Sweet and sour chicken, Chilli con Carne, Salmon and Potato, Med Veg pasta two 100 gram packets of each meal) and 7 different ingredients 100g each (Blueberry, Rasberry 50g, diced chicken, sweetcorn, peas, beef, rice, tinned shrimps – in 34 packets for 34 servings. Super light weight freeze dried food. Prepare and eat right in the pouch.

 Sale Price:                           Sfr.299.00
Package Information:          the best way to enjoy a hot meal on the go.. eat out!